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About Xpert Salesman

Xpert Salesman offers on field sales employee GPS location tracking, attendance system, sales visit tracking, sales order and payment collection data logging via mobile app connected to web app. Our employee tracking app helps you track your sales/field employee's GPS location and day activities in real time.

Xpert Salesman - An ionic based sales employee tracking app with web-based admin panel ("software") to track GPS location of sales employee and manage their day activities by capturing updated and authentic data from point of execution. It's a complete solution developed with the inputs from various business verticals like publishers, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, footwear manufacturing, garments manufacturing units and much more to ensure sales employee tracking becomes so easy for the employers so that they can focus on right things for the growth. Our sales employee tracking app covers almost all the tasks which a sales executive does daily like meeting customers, giving samples, taking orders, collecting payments, taking feedback, putting advertisement material at customers place and much more.

Without Xpert Salesman

  • No idea where your sales employees are
  • Impossible to plan and schedule visits
  • No way to check attendance and visits done
  • No reliable data of company' product reach
  • Manual order processing is slow, unreliable
  • Collecting competitor's info is not easy

With Xpert Salesman

  • You know where our sales employees are
  • You can assign work to the sales employees
  • It is easy to calculate working hours
  • Company knows its geographical reach
  • Online ordering helps quick processing
  • Know reach of competitor's product also

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